RevoPay is partnering up with MasterCard to provide each of the first 1000 users who have enabled a Mastercard Card as their primary and default payment method for all property payments with one $20 MasterCard prepaid card! 

*Must make THREE consecutive monthly Qualifying Mastercard AutoPay Transactions through your MasterCard Card on file.

AutoPays are payments that are automatically debited from your account.

When setting up an AutoPay, you may decide the details (date, frequency, amount, and pay method) of your payment.

To setup and schedule an AutoPay:

  1. Select Make a Payment from your Dashboard
  2. Select Scheduled Payment
  3. Select a Start Date (when you would like your AutoPay to begin) by clicking on the calendar icon 
  4. Use the radio button to determine whether you would like to be automatically debited for whatever you owe, or whether you would like to schedule a fixed payment amount
  5. Select the Frequency of your AutoPay (how often you would like your payment to be automatically debited from your account)
  6. Select an End Date (when you would like your AutoPay cycle to end)
  7. If you are scheduling an AutoPay with a fixed payment amount, use the check boxes to determine what category/ categories you would like the AutoPay to include and input the amount if necessary
  8. Click Select your payment method
  9. Use an existing card or add a new card by selecting Add new Card
  10. One you have selected a payment method, click Review and Approve
  11. Review your payment details and either Go back and edit your payment, or click Approve Payment to finalize your AutoPay